Multi-channel inventory synchronization and purchasing to Xero

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SKULabs and Xero
Xero inventory management

Simple and powerful Xero inventory management

Build a unified catalog with all of your products from all of your sales channels. Manage inventory for individual products and for bundled product kits. Receive inventory from suppliers through purchase orders, ship sales orders and deduct inventory, and sync those inventory changes back to Xero.

Xero multichannel order management

Multi-channel order management and shipping

Connect all of your sales channels into one order management dashboard. Use searching, sorting, filters, and custom tags to find the orders you want to work with. Scan barcodes to ensure accurate order picking every time, and print shipping labels from any shipping carrier.

Xero purchase order synchronization

Create purchase orders and close them with bills in Xero

Set up distributor catalogs and create purchase orders in seconds. Set per distributor prices and minimum order amounts, and create custom purchase order templates for each of your sales channels. Receive inventory when it arrives by scanning item barcodes, then send a bill to Xero to close the purchase order.

Sync Xero with Xero

Sync purchase orders and sales receipts to Xero

Synchronize sales orders from all of your shopping carts to your Xero account. Close purchase orders with bill payments after you receive inventory from your distributors. Generate reports for inventory updates, recent sale revenue and profit, and the cost of goods sold.

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