Shopify inventory management, barcode, and shipping solution

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SKULabs and Shopify
Shopify inventory management

Simple and powerful Shopify inventory management

Import all of your Shopify products and set them up as catalog items or kits. Manage inventory across all of your products, locations, and warehouses. Receive incoming stock, deduct stock when shipping orders, and sync inventory to Shopify automatically.

Shopify multichannel listing publishing

Multi-channel listing publishing

Publish listings from Shopify to other sales channels, like Amazon or eBay. Create sales channel listings for one product at a time, or use templates to publish listings in bulk. Link listings to the master of inventory to keep stock counts synchronized.

Print shipping labels for Shopify orders

Print shipping labels with discounted postage

Import orders from Shopify and create shipping labels from multiple carriers. Use a barcode scanner to pick orders with 100% accuracy. Ship orders out one at a time, or all at once. Use our built-in commercially discounted USPS postage, and compare rates from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more.

Sync Shopify with QuickBooks

Sync purchase orders and receipts to QuickBooks

Synchronize sales orders from all of your Shopify stores to your QuickBooks online account. Close purchase orders with bill payments after you receive inventory from suppliers. Generate reports for inventory changes, sales and profit, and cost of goods sold.

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