ShipStation order synchronization and inventory management

SKULabs and ShipStation
ShipStation inventory management

Simple and powerful ShipStation inventory management

Import all of your orders from all of your sales channels into one unified order management solution. Pick and pack orders using barcode scanning, batch picking, and more. Ship your orders through ShipStation and deduct inventory automatically in SKULabs.

ShipStation inventory management

Synchronize inventory to online sales channels in real time

Set SKULabs as the master of inventory for all of your multichannel stores and marketplace listings. As orders are placed, whether online or offline, the required inventory quantities are reserved until they are shipped out. Reserved inventory is deducted from the on hand inventory counts, and the remaining free count is synchronized to your sales channels automatically to prevent overselling.

Bigcommerce order picking

Pick orders with barcode scanning to ensure accuracy

Use barcode scanning to pick, pack, and ship orders with 100% accuracy. Use stock locations to guide your order picking process. Pack and ship orders as soon as they're picked with our built-in shipping label software. Ship orders one at a time or in grouped batches.

Take the next step in inventory control and order fulfillment.