Multi-channel purchasing and inventory synchronization to QuickBooks Online

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SKULabs and QuickBooks
QuickBooks inventory management

Simple and powerful QuickBooks inventory management

Import all of your products from all of your sales channels into one unified catalog. Manage inventory for individual items and for product bundles and kits. Receive inventory from suppliers, deduct inventory as you ship orders, and sync inventory changes back to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks multichannel order management

Multi-channel order management and fulfillment

Manage orders from all of your sales channels in one place. Search, sort, and filter to find orders you want to work with, and use custom tags to organize orders for fulfillment. Pick orders and print shipping labels with any carrier, like FedEx or UPS. Save money on postage by using our commercially discounted postage rates.

QuickBooks purchase order synchronization

Create, receive, and close purchase orders with QuickBooks bills

Manage purchase orders with all of your distributors in one place. Set pricing and minimum order quantities per distributor, and customize purchase order templates for each of your sales brands. Track the status of each purchase order, from sending to receiving. Quickly and easily receive purchases into inventory with barcode scanning.

Sync QuickBooks with QuickBooks

Sync purchase orders and sales receipts to QuickBooks Online

Synchronize sales orders from all of your shopping carts to your QuickBooks Online account. Close purchase orders with bill payments after you receive inventory from suppliers. Generate reports for inventory changes, sales and profit, and cost of goods sold.

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