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SKULabs and Spree
Picking and shipping

Pick and ship at top speed

Ditch the paper invoices and manual shipment input. All of your Spree orders are imported automatically, allowing you to start fulfilling them with just one click. Use a barcode scanner to ensure 100% accuracy, and group like orders together and fulfill them at the same time with batch picking and shipping.

Discounted postage rates

Save money with discounted USPS labels

Cut your costs on every order with our commercially discounted USPS postage rates. We use our customers' combined shipping volume to negotiate incredible discounts with our shipping vendors and pass the savings directly to you. You can also use your own FedEx, UPS, Stamps, or other carrier accounts.

Real-time performance insights

Measure performance over time

Watch your picking and shipping speed improve while your order errors disappear with our real-time performance insights. Compare metrics of your orders, batches, users, items, and more to find out where you can improve your daily operations.

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