Customer Success Stories

SKULabs has helped stores all over the world improve their daily ecommerce workflow. See their stories here.

Garage Door Supply Co. and SKULabs

About Garage Door Supply Co.

Garage Door Supply Co. carries a full line of garage door parts, remotes, transmitters, kepads, receivers, parts, and accessories. They have a huge in-stock selection from several major brands, and they offer same-day shipping on most items.

Why SKULabs?

When we found SKUlabs we were just coming off a major failure from another software so we were a little uneasy about implementing a new software. However, the guys at SKULabs did anything and everything they could to not only beat that fear, but to make the transition process smooth and easy. Their technical support is some of the best that I have ever worked with, and the product is great too.SKULabs has essentially eliminated shipping errors and has made our work flow more simple and efficient.

We typically ship between 150-200 orders per day; shortly after making the switch to SKULabs we had a big sales days shipped over 300 orders. We were amazed at how quickly and easily we were able to do this using SKULabs. We are constantly amazed by this product and the company's technical support. When it comes to order management SKULabs is a must have product!

SafeRest and SKULabs

About SafeRest

SafeRest is a premium brand of mattress cover products developed through extensive research and cutting edge technology. They sell through multiple channels and offer a wholesale and drop shipping program to distributors around the world.

Why SKULabs?

We used to print out our invoices and pick orders manually, which took up a majority of our time (especially on dreaded Mondays due to high weekend volume). Our product lines feature several different sizes, and we often shipped the wrong sizes by mistake. We are now finishing our orders in nearly half the time and are making far fewer errors. The folks over at SKULabs are very easy to work with and were there during our setup. We highly recommend their software and professional service.

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