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SKULabs and Amazon
Amazon order management

All-in-one Amazon order fulfillment and inventory management

Import all of your Amazon orders into one dashboard, whether they are fulfilled by your warehouse or by Amazon. Track inventory locally and in Amazon fulfillment centers. As orders are placed and imported, you can choose to ship goods in-house or to submit a fulfillment order to Amazon.

Amazon inventory synchronization

Synchronize FBA inventory across all sales channels

Synchronize inventory from Amazon fulfillment centers to your other sales channels. Set rules per product or store to synchronize FBA inventory or your local inventory levels. Link multichannel listings together and update stock counts wherever your products are sold.

Multichannel FBA fulfillment order

Submit multichannel Amazon fulfillment orders

Track inventory levels between your local warehouse and Amazon's fulfillment centers. Submit Amazon fulfillment orders for products purchased through any sales channel. Set fulfillment order rules such as fill-or-kill policies and shipping speeds. Split order fulfillment between an FBA fulfillment order and in-house shipping.

Amazon order picking

Pick orders with barcode scanning to ensure accuracy

Pick, pack, and ship orders with 100% accuracy by using barcode scanning. Use stock locations to navigate your warehouse. Use our built-in shipping label software to pack and ship orders as soon as they're picked. Ship orders individually or all at once in grouped batches.

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